There are many online companies that allow you to create surveys. However, they can’t compare with the level of specialization you’ll find at We focus entirely on employee surveys, such as employee satisfaction surveys (aka: employee feedback) and corporate culture surveys. is a survey company that does more than collect data and send you cryptic reports. Our reporting systems are absolutely sophisticated, which is exactly why the reports you receive will be easily understandable, and more importantly, actionable.

We ask the right questions to get you actionable information about your employees. By “actionable” we don’t mean find all the bad things and fire everyone. You will find areas of concern, but many times the information will point you to simple solutions that have been right in front of you.

Our goal is to help you identify the areas where your company can make the greatest improvements.

Our Survey Process

1) We start by talking with you to understand your unique situation. We have “standard” surveys that we recommend to allow comparison with other companies, but we can customize questions and employee demographics to suit your needs. (Generally at no additional cost to you.)

2) Once your survey is designed, you will be given a link to a demo version. This allows you to verify that all questions, responses, colors, logos, and layout appear exactly as you expect.

3) When you are ready to deliver the survey to your employees, we have a few options. You may provide us with a spreadsheet of email addresses and we will send links with unique “tokens” to each of your employees. These tokens allow us to uniquely identify each respondent while maintaining their anonymity. If you prefer, we can instead provide a spreadsheet of these tokens for you to deliver to your employees through your own email system.

4) As the survey is completed, some statistics will be immediately available. Additional reports are created and reviewed by us personally to provide additional insight.

5) At the conclusion of the survey, we will discuss the results with you to determine next steps. Sometimes, the results of the survey are all you need to make meaningful changes to your organization. If more intensive or challenging changes are needed, we are able to put you in touch with an expert consultant who can guide you toward improvement.

By knowing how your employees really feel about your organization, you can make the changes necessary to improve both their condition and yours. This ultimately increases their productivity, reduces your expenses from turnover, and increases overall profits.

Contact us today to get started on YOUR employee survey!